Event Date: 06-07 May, 2024

Conference Info

8th World Conference On Nursing

Our aim is to acquaint clinicians with research findings and evidence-based information which can further be replicated for studies and research, attendees will learn to apply implementation science for modified adoption of better evidence and enhanced benefits for patients, clinicians, and organizations, while offering the opportunity for formal and informal networking. The program is designed to meet the needs of practicing nurses, leaders, faculty, and experts.

The objectives of this conference are to

  • Provide a forum for research collaboration and partnerships between nurses at various institutions (clinical and academic).
  • Share results of clinical research studies that will foster a culture of inquiry that will lead to implementation science and foster delivery of care based on best-practice evidence.
  • Increase knowledge of methodological concerns related to research planning and implementation through expert-led methodology workshops.

Enhance attendee’s knowledge of research processes and clinical research through discussion, networking and expert-led workshops.